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#no1leftbehind Demo Weekend!


Many of you have heard me talk about the #no1leftbehind campaign that directly impact homeless veterans in Mid-Missouri and I have had several ask when is work going to start on this new campus. After this weekend I can proudly say that work has begun and progress has been made because of Veterans United employees, Team Rubicon, The Mission Continues and Mizzou Student Veterans Association.

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Support KINGS OF THE CRAFT and their Kickstarter campaign!

We've partnered with Kings of the Craft to support their production of a 6-part TV series about the San Diego craft beer industry, set to air on KPBS later this year. They've done all the interviews and filming--now they need to raise money to cover all the editing and post-production work necessary to whittle 60+ hours of [...]

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Watch these Marines steal the halftime show!

Click HERE for our exclusive line of USMC products!

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Supporting Women With Green Polish!

When someone says the words "Homeless Veteran" I typically vision that person being a male but sadly I do realize there are also female veterans who are also homeless. I guess this is because when I drive down the road and see a person holding a sign at a street corner or exit they are [...]

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They fought for our homes. Now it’s our turn to fight for theirs. Help Welcome Home, Inc. Donate. Share. Care. #No1LeftBehind

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True Story of a Civilian Who Stopped to Help a Combat Veteran

Shelly Silvey is the Director of Creative Services at KOMU-TV. She's a 43-year-old-breast cancer survivor, a mom, and last year her decision to turn her minivan around changed one mid-Missouri veteran's life.Read the rest here. 

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SEALS Demo Fast Roping with K-9

US Navy SEALS exhibit fast roping techniques during a beach demonstration of SPECWAR capabilities.  Watch as the last team member fast ropes with his K-9 "Rook".  Share your comments below.

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Richard Ryan Breaks Down The HALO Jump

You've probably seen HALO jumps in the movies or video games.  A HALO, or High Altitude Low Opening, free fall Jump is broken down by Richard Ryan of Rated RR.  He supplies a quick and informative narrative of a HALO jump.   

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WORLDS FASTEST Propellar Driven Aircraft

The above video is footage of the Russian Tupolev Tu-95.  The huge, 4 engine turboprop bomber has been flying since 1956 and is rumored to maintain flight status until 2040.  An airline variant of the bomber holds the world record for fastest propellar driven aircraft.  

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