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SEALS Demo Fast Roping with K-9

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US Navy SEALS exhibit fast roping techniques during a beach demonstration of SPECWAR capabilities.  Watch as the last team member fast ropes with his K-9 "Rook".  

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Richard Ryan Breaks Down The HALO Jump

You've probably seen HALO jumps in the movies or video games.  A HALO, or High Altitude Low Opening, free fall Jump is broken down by Richard Ryan of Rated RR.  He supplies a quick and informative narrative of a HALO jump.   

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WORLDS FASTEST Propellar Driven Aircraft

The above video is footage of the Russian Tupolev Tu-95.  The huge, 4 engine turboprop bomber has been flying since 1956 and is rumored to maintain flight status until 2040.  An airline variant of the bomber holds the world record for fastest propellar driven aircraft.  

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Military Homecoming Suprises

Take a moment to watch this heart warming reactions of between service members and their loved ones as they make a surprise return home.  Share your thoughts below!

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50 Cal Bottle Opener - Bullets For A Cause

The costs of liberty are steep.Countless Americans have heeded our nation’s call and have risked both life and limb. Our brave men and women in uniform have fought our nation’s enemies tooth and nail, keeping our country free or over two centuries. Countless Americans have paid the ultimate price.They serve selflessly, leaving family, friends, and [...]

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Support a Veteran Charity With a Round of Golf

Come join us on the greens for a day that is sure to be remembered! The Travis Manion Foundation will be holding its 2nd Annual West Coast Golf Event at the Admiral Baker Golf Course in San Diego, CA on May 23rd 2014. Complete with a “Team Travis” golf outing, lunch, cocktails, dinner, prizes and [...]

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Staff Sergeant's Corner--Volume 1

STAFF SERGEANT’S CORNER BY JEFFREY VORPAHLPeek into the mind of a combat wounded warrior told he couldn’t make it in college because he had a brain injury. (He is rockin’ his college classes, by the way.)MILITARY AND VETERAN SUICIDE RATES RISE DESPITE AGGRESSIVE PREVENTION EFFORTSMost people, even with military experience, never even consider suicide–that’s the [...]

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