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Discount Bridesmaids Set of .50 Caliber Bottle Openers

Discount Bridesmaids Set of .50 Caliber Bottle Openers

Starting at $22.99 - discounts for ordering in quantity

Want to save a little money on your Bridesmaid gifts?

These bottle opener gift packs are available in any quantity -- since we can have them pre-made and standing by, they're priced lower than our normal customized sets. And with the bulk discounts that are applied for orders of 4+ bottle openers, you'll save from 8% to 20% off the price of a single bottle opener depending on the size of your order.

For matching Groomsmen gifts, see this product. Discounts will be applied across these two products, so if you order 4 from the groomsman listing and 4 from the bridesmaid listing you'll receive the 8+ price break on all of them. 

If you choose "Yes" for gift boxes, we will match the box text to the bottle opener text.

  • .50 Caliber Bullet (.50 Cal BMG)
  • Durable Matte Black Powder-Coated Finish
  • 100% Made and Sourced in the USA
  • Once-Fired Military Grade Ammunition

Please note -- because these sets are discounted and pre-made they are NOT eligible for personalized engraving with names/dates/etc. Click here to shop from our customized wedding party sets.

* We strongly recommend that you do not travel with this product on your person or in a carry-on bag. The TSA may consider it a weapon, which could lead to confiscation and/or a fine *

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