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Wholesale Bottle Openers

Hundreds of retailers currently sell our unique bottle openers including:

Their customers love our brand and our products. We have a wholesale program to help you easily and cost-effectively get started. We can offer custom engraving for your name and/or logo on our bottle openers, keychains, tap handles, shot glasses, and more.

If our products sound like a good fit for your brand and you'd like to be able to offer them to your customers, then our wholesale program can help you put some unique branded products in the hands of your supporters.

To get our .50 Caliber Bottle Openers, Tap Handles, or Six Shooter Shot Glasses on the shelf at your gift shop, brewery, or gun store, enter your information here and we'll contact you to get the process started. You can also contact us directly at

If wholesale is not your thing, we have two other bulk purchasing options that may be more applicable for you: