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Chrome .50 Caliber Bottle Opener

Chrome .50 Caliber Bottle Opener


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This "Silver Bullet" Chrome .50 Caliber Bottle Opener is our first shot at this particular color -- the chrome plating is extremely durable, but as you can see in the photos it's not quite as smooth of a job as we typically expect from our finished bottle openers.

So we've decided to unload them at a discounted price that's below our normal powder-coated .50 Caliber Bottle Openers even though chrome plating costs quite a bit more than powder-coating per unit.

Like all our other .50 Cal Bullet Bottle Openers, these ones are 100% made and sourced in the USA from once-fired .50 BMG casings and demilitarized projectiles.


CUSTOMIZE your bottle opener with a B2B Branded Box or a personalized box to make it the perfect gift.

* We strongly recommend that you do not travel with this product on your person or in a carry-on bag. The TSA may consider it a weapon, which could lead to confiscation and/or a fine *

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