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Trident Coffee Bundle

Trident Coffee Bundle


We've partnered with San Diego-based and veteran-owned Trident Coffee to offer these bundles of their coffee with FREE shipping in the US.
Each bundle contains your choice of a 6-Pack of Nitro Cold Brew Cans or two 12oz bags of coffee (one bag each of Trident and Anchors Aweigh blends) AND your choice of a 20oz vacuum-insulated travel mug or a 19oz double-wall tumbler -- both of which are perfect for keeping your hot drinks hot or your cold ones cold. 
AND with your purchase of a bundle you can add on a Trident Coffee .50 Caliber Bottle Opener for only $15. 

Coffee Specs Courtesy of Trident Coffee

12oz Nitro Cold Brew Cans: Trident Coffee 12 oz. small-batch, in-house roasted and brewed Nitro cold-brew coffee cans. We directly source our specialty grade coffee beans from Brazil and expertly roast them to accentuate the low-acidity, bold chocolate and caramel flavors with a smooth, summery finish that we love from our cold-brew! Combined with the frothy head from a Nitro pour (see video above, very similar to a certain nitrogenated Irish Stout that drinks silky smooth...) -- these cans deliver premium, craft cold-brew at home, on the go, and everywhere in between! 
12oz Trident Signature Roasted Coffee: We directly source our specialty grade Brazilian coffee from Carmo de Minas. We expertly small-batch roast to a Full-City profile that offers low-acidity and with all the smooth chocolate, caramel and almond flavor notes that we love from this coffee. Available in whole bean or medium grind. 
12oz Anchors Aweigh Roasted Coffee: Our Anchors Aweigh Single Origin coffee is a organic selection from Colombia's Tolima region, providing a refreshing orange peel, bittersweet chocolate and honey flavor. This coffee is crafted to a lighter roast to fully appreciate the origin flavors of this amazing coffee. Available in whole bean or medium grind.
***Trident Coffee will be roasting and packaging beans on a weekly basis in response to our sales in order to ensure that customers get the absolute freshest coffee possible -- that means that orders will typically ship 7-10 days after we receive them.***

Drinkware Specs

20oz Travel Mug: This mug is basically a white-label version of the super-insulated ones you've probably seen elsewhere, maybe from a company that rhymes with "Sweaty" and sells them at $35+....  This particular BPA-free mug features the same double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your coffee hot (or cold) for hours, and has the Trident logo engraved into its textured matte black finish. HAND WASH ONLY PLEASE!
19oz Tumbler: Just as good at keeping your beer cold as it is at keeping your coffee hot, this pint-plus tumbler features the Trident logo engraved onto the matte finish of its double-wall insulation. That means no condensation or sweating with cold drinks and no burning your hand when you hold one full of hot coffee. HAND WASH ONLY PLEASE!

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